Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 4

Hey, everybody.

One more week down, only 100 something more to go.  Ha ha

Anyway, it has been a pretty good week.  Nothing too crazy or unusual happened here.  It is pretty much the same boring schedule.

I also got robbed, not by a native person out on the street, but by some stupid cleaning lady.  She took and threw away my calendar (Anthony took a calendar that had family photos on it with him). I was not happy.  Ha ha.  But it happens.

Last Saturday, we were proselyting again, and we learned the importance of work.  We hate knocking on doors, so we almost never do it.  But, we were having no luck finding or talking to anybody.  So for the last hour, we decided to knock on doors.   And it was, by far, our best time. We found all our contacts during that last hour.  We gave out two lessons and two pamphlets.   When we would knock, they seemed much more responsive and nice to us than the people we tried to talk to in our earlier area.  I know the Lord had a hand in that. It was a good time.

We also found a Walmart-type of store, and they have crazy overpriced items and crazy security.  They have bags that they make you put your backpacks in, then lock and then will not get them unlocked until you check out. It was weird.

The food is still way good and the soccer is always fun.

We’ve been alone the last two days as the other North Americans and Latinos transferred out.  So, we played basketball for the first time.  They just finished putting rims up after a month.  The construction guys worked really, really, really slow.  Anyways, I promptly jammed my thumb - bad.   It just goes to show that short, fat-ish, white people should never ever step onto a basketball court.   Although, I was probably the second best player in our district.

And yes, I am getting fat-ish.  The good, heavy food mixed with little to no movement is not good.   I have also noticed that muscle disappears fast when there is no way to work out whatsoever.   So I’ve developed a habit of doing pushups, abs and dips every morning to try and stem the tide. We will see if it works.

Also, in other exciting news, I was able to use some of my pre-med school knowledge the other day.  Hermano De Oliveira, one of our teachers, hurt his knee.   I diagnosed that he had a torn meniscus.  He didn’t trust me, so he got a second opinion.  And, oh ya, who has two thumbs and can successfully diagnose a torn meniscus… Elder Anthony Frost MD.   Nice to meet you.   Ha ha. Anyways, that was cool.

We get new Latinos and North Americans today, so that will be exciting as well.

We have our last proselyting day this Saturday.  We are in single digits for actual days in class.  It is getting to be exciting and rather nerve-wracking that we will finally get to leave this prison; I mean the MTC.  We do think that the Shawshank Redemption and prison life are quite similar to life at the MTC. Anyways, I’m out of time for this week.  I leave the 12th of March for Paraguay.  So, if you haven’t written me yet, shame on you.  But, now you can write me in Paraguay, which will be cool.  The address will be posted on this blog and on Facebook if you need it.

Love all you guys.
Elder Anthony Frost

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