Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 3

I am sorry it’s taken a little longer update this post.   But, they changed p-day on me to Thursday. So, I didn’t really have a choice.

Anyway, the week has been interesting to say the least, full of ups and downs.

So, last Tuesday we went to the temple with a bunch of missionaries who were going home.  It definitely put things into perspective and made me realize (1) that two years is a really, really long when I haven’t even been here a month.   And (2) it is possible to make it two years. So I guess it was a good thing.

The language is definitely coming along.  I’m nowhere near fluent.  But, in our practice investigators and in classes I’m starting to make grammatically correct sentences and using the proper tense and conjugation for the word.  Also Spanish is the dumbest language. But, oh well.


We got new Latinos last Tuesday and they pretty much suck. Our first group was way laid back and helpful with the language.  They interacted with us and we had fun.  This group doesn’t speak English doesn’t want to want to help us.  They mostly insult us in Spanish.  Not fun.  There are some good ones though, and so we just do stuff with the good ones.  The bright side is that these Latinos are a lot, and I mean a lot, better at soccer so activity time is fun and we have competitive games.  Although "Los Gringos" still dominate thanks mostly to me, Elder Diotaiuti and two Latinos Elder JIatz Coj and Elder Gonzalez.

Our last proselytizing day was a very cool experience.  But, the day absolutely sucked in the beginning.  The only highlight was buying coke at the gas station. Sshhhh.  I also bought some ice cream. I got Oreo con dulce (Con dulce literally means “with sweet”.  In Latin America, Dulce de Leche is a caramel sauce).  It was waaaaay good. 



We also taught the employee there a lesson. But, then he turned around and told us why our church was wrong and gave us a lesson about his church. It’s a weird church.  He also said angels came and visit him in his dreams. Weird.


But right before the end of the day, we ran into Carlos. He yelled at us in English, so we were confused at first.  But come to find out, he had lived in the OC (Orange County, California) for 10 years and had learned English there.  He loved using his English, so he loved talking to missionaries. He also had a Book of Mormon and had read half of it in a week.  He had a feeling that it was a good book and that it could be true.  He also wanted regular missionaries to come visit him more often as his previous MTC missionaries had left. So, we gave him a lesson in English and it was amazing! 


The feeling we got from talking to him was definitely the highlight of the week. It also showed us what we can and will be able to do when we know the language better.  And, that the mission is worth it. As up to that point, we were so depressed from the days of proselyting we thought maybe going home would be better.  We still think that sometimes, but my companionship made a pact to all make it into the field.  So…3 more weeks.

But anyways, I gotta wrap this up, as a teacher keeps telling us we are out of time.   


So the usual…please write me.  We figured that it takes 10 days for a letter to get here with just a normal stamp (ie the pouch).  So you’ve still got time to write. Also, I love my Dad, but only getting letters from him is starting to get depressing.  Ha ha.


Also, I got stamps I am willing to send you, if that was what was holding you up.


Anyway I can’t wait to hear from some of you. Well…all of you. Ha ha. So, ya write.




Elder Anthony Frost


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