Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Letter Home

So I've discovered that even good shoes hurt after 30 plus hours.
As you know, I left Great Falls at 6:00 a.m.  The lady seated next to me on the plane wanted to talk to me about church, medical school and stuff, which was kinda weird. All I wanted to do was sleep.  But the flight wasn't horrible.
The Minnesota airport was awesome! Each terminal has free iPads to use for downtime. So, I played chess and checkers to kill the time.
The flight to Atlanta was great because I just slept the whole way. I love the Atlanta airport! It has lots of stuff on Atlanta's history and Martin Luther King. It was cool! I ate my last meal while flirting with one of Colorado State's female athletic teams and drank a Mountain Dew.  I figured it would be last time for 2 years, you know.  Anyways, the flight from Atlanta was long but good. The food sucked,  but the in-flight movie was Pitch Perfect, which I highly recommend. It was way good. I then tried to sleep and got maybe 3 solid hours or so.
Then after about an hour and a half in customs, I got through and spent 30 minutes looking for my pickup.   They weren't there. So at that point, I took it as a sign and was gonna buy the first plane ride back to the States.  Then I ran into some senior missionaries looking for someone else. They called the MTC, who then came and got me.
I unpacked,  met my 2 companions (Elder Sorensen and Elder Diotaiuti - both from Utah), since I'm in a 3-some and then started my first day. I was exhausted.
Not much has changed since then.  I am just struggling to learn Spanish. But, it's beginning to pick up. I feel like I'll know it pretty well before I leave. The food is much better than Provo, so that's a plus.
I also love playing soccer with the Latinos during exercise time. They are way funny and help us with our Spanish, which is nice. 
I am here 6 weeks instead of a month, but, oh well, it will probably help to be here that long.
The set up is way nicer than Provo as well. I cannot get packages here, so don't send me one, but you can send it to my mission address.  My dad will post the address of the Argentina MTC on this blog.  (see below). 
Please write me.
I am the only Elder in my district without a lady friend. So girls, if you are reading this, write me a normal letter and then make up a girlfriend one.  Be sure to include pictures. ha ha. I want to make fun of the elders and their over-exaggeration of dying without their "TRUE LOVES."
Anyways, I gotta go. I will write a letter every Tuesday while here in the MTC, so look for it. My dad will post it on this blog.
Elder Frost

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