Sunday, February 17, 2013

Missionaries from 1st group

 (L to R) Elder Contreras, me, Elder Huertas.  They are both from Chile - going to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission.  Two of the funny elders here.  They always pulled pranks and played jokes and did things with words as they pretended to speak English. They did learn a lot of English here.
 Elder Fonseca.  He is from Costa Rica.  He is going to the same mission as me - Paraguay Asuncion North. So we decided our mission is best.
 Elder Castillo was from Chile and going to the Argentina Cordoba mission.  He spoke, by far, the best English out of any of the Latinos, and so we spoke only English with him. He was very funny as well.
Elder Buentello was one of my favorite Latinos here.  He is from Mexico and spoke very good English.  He was always interpreting for us and was incredibly funny. He is going to the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission.  He wants to go to BYU after his mission if he can.

If Elder Buentello wasn't my favorite, then it was definitely Elder Albornoz. He is from Argentina and spoke very little English.  But, what things he did know were always way funny.  He was probably the best Latino soccer player here, and we bonded over that.  He started calling me "champion" one game after my defense. He was a lot of fun. He is going to the Argentina Cordoba mission.

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  1. hey elder frost! its christian! miss ya man .. hope your doing ok and hope your mission is going good for you! i have noone to shoot with:( so your gunna have to come back soon! how is it? i hope you know that your setting an example for me by going on a mission.. thanx for hangin out with me on one of your last days here! love ya man and hope your safe and good luck on your mission! ill for sure write you this week! See YA!!