Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 21

So nobody emailed me asking for anything in my last will and testament which honestly I find kind of insulting. I’ve got some sick stuff.  But I’m going to be selfish and take it all to the grave with me. Yup, I’m that kid who is taking his ball and going home.

First question I’m sure you all have is if I’m better. The answer to that is yes, but I’m still very sick.

Also due to some unexpected circumstances there is not a whole lot to blog about this week as I didn’t leave my bed once. Check that, I went to church and to lunch on Tuesday so Elder Anderson could eat.

So as you all know, I was sick starting last Sunday over a week ago.  Well Monday, I still had a fever running around 102 - 103 all day. Tuesday I started busting out American drugs because this Paraguayan crap just wasn’t cutting it. Well Wednesday I was feeling real bad and looking like another day of just resting or laying in bed because I can’t sleep.  I haven’t slept more than 3 or 4 hours in days.  But I digress.  Well I went to the bathroom and then on my way to take more pills it all kind of went black. I lost all balance and I stumbled, catching myself from hitting the floor and somehow making it to the study room. I told Elder Anderson that I needed to go to the hospital so we called some members with a van that came and carried us there. 

Meanwhile, I again have a temp of 103.  Well when I get there, the doc informs me that my temp is now 41 celsius or 106 ish.  So they inject me with some stuff, and I’m sitting in the chair and he’s doing respiratory checks and stuff to try and find out what’s wrong.  Then he starts yelling at me for not coming in days earlier. Anyway, as he’s doing his checks, he finds bacteria on my throat -- strep.  For some reason, my throat hadn’t been hurting but that was the problem.  He ordered a penicillin injection and we were gonna do that as soon as he finished his checks when I suddenly can’t breathe. 

I tell Elder Anderson I’m gonna pass out.  So he grabs smelling salts and revives me a bit and then puts them in my hand so I can do it. The only problem is I can’t lift my arm.  So naturally I start freaking out.  Elder Anderson and the doc basically carry me to a table in a different room and throw wet rags on my head and chest and are just trying to cool my temp as I’m cooking.  Eventually Elder Anderson leaves to go get the penicillin.

So Hermana Selva, one of the ladies in the ward, came in and took over towel switching duties.  Oh ya, in the same room is a girl who is OD-ing.  Ya for hysteria.  So I finally get cooled down and moved back to the first room where they inject me in the butt with the penicillin, tell me to wait like 20 minutes, then I’m free to go.  The doc gives me some other drugs to take. 

Anyways, while I’m in this room a guy comes in handcuffed to be treated.  Just a typical day in a hospital, right?  

Anyway, we get home, Elder Anderson makes some tomato soup and sandwich. I eat it, pass out, he wakes me up to take my pills, and I pass out again. This process basically lasted two whole days.  I really don’t remember anything for like a 36-hour span. Like no memories at all. Kinda freaky. Anyway, the fever is gone, strep is gone, but I’ve got a gnarly cough so I get prescribed some cough syrup.  And this is some good stuff, by the way.   

I was ordered to stay in bed and rest, so I did that till church.  And since I can’t sleep at all, I’m really weak and tired all the time. I still have the cough and a terrible headache, but I believe I’m on the mend. Although after a week of bedrest, I have lost all muscle tone that I had been trying my hardest to save. I look terrible. I wouldn’t date me. And anybody who knows me knows how unlikely those words would have been. Haha.

Anyway, I’m gonna take it nice and easy this week and work back into it. We’ve got exciting things going on if only I can leave my house.  And I really hope I can soon because the bed is starting to smell terrible. 

I’m going insane with nothing to do.  These are the days I miss video games and movies. I’d kill for some Halo and Mountain Dew with Nik Wong and the boys or some FIFA with anybody. Haha. 

Well I’m outta time.  Hopefully I survive one more week, and I’ll be able to fill you in on my adventures next week.

Take care of yourselves. You guys are on my mind.


Elder Frost

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