Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 18

So, this week went pretty slow for me.

But right now, it’s crazy nerve wrecking - because changes are tonight.  It means I may lose my comp. I get along really well with Elder Anderson, and we are having a lot of success.  So I don’t want to lose that.

Also, everyone is freaking out since we are losing 60 missionaries or so to other missions after this change and nobody wants to get moved.  (NOTE:  The mission was realigned and 2 areas from the North Mission will be going to the Asuncion mission – which is losing 2 areas of their mission to Argentina.)

But, back to the week.  It was a good week full of lessons and a division, which I hate but wasn’t terrible.

Also some soccer games took over the city. One of the cool things about being on the border with Brazil is that we have a lot of Brazilians in our area since it is way cheaper to live in Paraguay.  Anyway, one of those is an investigator named Micheli. She is 16 or 17 years old and really likes talking to us.  Besides the fact we are attractive white guys, she honestly wants to come to church.  We are just working on her mom to try and get them both there. Anyway, this week we were talking soccer, and I asked her to pick me up a Brazil national team jersey from Brazil.  So I’m pretty excited for that.  

Also, I had to do my first two health blessings in Spanish.  It was pretty crazy since I’ve never done one in English.  I got to do both parts -- one each time -- and nobody stopped me and I didn’t get hit by a bus when I left the house, so I must have done ok.

We made brownies and ice cream again.  Yes, it’s almost a tradition at this point.  Haha. 

We had a division where I was left in the area again this time.  I was with Elder Jenson from Colorado.  He was pretty chill.  It wasn’t a terrible day.   The only problem was that we were meeting some people I’d never met.  So we may, or may not, have gotten a little lost at points. But one time when we were asking for directions, this girl asked us to sit down and teach her, so we did.  She said she’d come to church if she got out of school early enough.  So the Lord was looking out for us.

Also we did a karaoke night this week.  I rapped some Nelly “The Champ.”  It was pretty awesome!  Although Elder Anderson’s rendition of “Smack That” and Elder Anderl’s “John Wall and Gentleman” may have stolen the show.   Elder Anderl is hilarious on that stage.

Also Olimpia - one of the main teams in Paraguay -- won a semi-final or something this week, so we had fireworks waaaaay into the night.   And then the classic game between Cerro vs. Olimpia was on Sunday.  So the whole city shut down to watch the game.  And in typical soccer fashion, it ended 1-1.

Excitingly, after all the work we’ve done, some of the Ojedas came to church this week, which is definitely a step in the right direction. So hopefully we can build on that and finish reactivating them.  Then we can baptize their children.

Also, we got paid 5 mil, or like a buck, for us to buy bread from some family we taught.  And trust me, we tried to say no, but they wouldn’t listen.  It felt weird taking money.  We also did a legit drawing activity for a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Blancas family.  I gotta say I drew a legit crocodile. Ha ha. 

Also we have been working with the Arguellos since I got here.  One of the aunts or nieces who has been way anti has been listening to us and invited us over.  We did a very, very good lesson with her.  It’s crazy the way the work goes out here.  

Also, one more month down.   Yes, I’m counting, and it’s depressing.   So sue me.


Love you guys and take care of yourselves.


Elder Frost

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