Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 19

Pretty busy and unusual week here in Paraguay. But here we go.

So it started off with the craziness of changes. Finding out that all of Rama 5 was staying was pretty exciting.

Don't ask...Don't tell.  The Zone waiting for changes


Then on Tuesday, we said goodbye to everybody in the zone that was leaving.  It was really weird to say goodbye to Elder Trevino as he was going home. It’s weird to think that people actually get on that plane and go home. Then it was really homesickening to think of how much time I’ve got left.  And missing a beefy 5 layer burrito. Dang Taco Bell.

Anyway, we also said goodbye to Hermana Sanchez from Panama who ate lunch with us at a member’s house every Tuesday.  She was way funny and a good missionary. I also took some infamous goodbye photos.  I have no idea if they will get put up on the blog or not, due to their nature but ya... (yes, they are above)

Anyway we also had a visit from Jehovah Witnesses which went terrible, as you can imagine.  They were not very nice to us, and it was early in the morning - 2 against 2.  I’m sure it’s not the visit they were hoping for when they knocked on our door.  Ha ha. 

Also, our landlady freaked out and came to our house at 6:00 am and banged on all the windows and doors for like 20 minutes until we decided enough was enough and got up. She wanted the rent - that we wouldn’t get for another 3 days.  Oh ya, the rent is not even due for 6 days, so I don’t know what her problem was.

Anyway, we did a game night for ward night where 1 tie is a mouse and the other is a cat.  If the cat catches the mouse, then somebody gets to draw on your face.  I can’t explain it well, but it’s highly entertaining.

Elder Anderson and I also made a trek out to Rafa’s work, as he has been working doubles and not coming to church, so we needed to talk. Anyway, it was a long walk. And, he works at a pay-by-the-hour motel that is sketchy. Anyway, it went good and he came to church this week, so that’s sweet.

Where Rafa works - aka...the pay by the hour motel. 

We also found a waterfall while out contacting in our area so that’s what the pics are of. While checking the waterfall out, Elder Anderson ripped his pants - like in half, so we had a nice walk back home to change before going out and finishing our lessons for the day. I was laughing so hard.
At the waterfall

We also did some service for Elvira. Her husband is M.I.A., for like a month now.  So she needed some help hoeing her yard.  No problem, right?  Well, I’m waaaaay outta shape and ended up having a very sore lower back.  But it looks good.  She also gave us some awesome snacks to eat during breaks.

Also, we seemed to finally hit a breakthrough with Griselda’s smoking.  We used a 15 step program missionaries use and also a big shout out to my former homies in Project Help and REACT:  Nik, Cam, Dominic and Lynsey.  We got some sweet smoking statistics from them that helped as well.  She has finally gone a whole day without smoking and, as far as we know, 2 whole days.   She can be baptized after one week, so fingers crossed.

Griselda signing her non-smoking contract.

Also a former Paraguayan missionary who knows Elder Anderl (also working in Rama 5) came on a vacation and offered us breakfast which was cool.  It was cool talking with him about how Paraguay has changed.  It made me think if I’d come back and visit.  Right now I don’t know, haha.  But after 2 years… probably.

Anyway that’s about all.  Love you guys. You’re awesome, and be safe.



Elder Frost

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