Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 20

So, this letter was going to have an entirely different spin until yesterday.  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the good happy stuff in a little bit. But first, the horribleness of yesterday and so far today. 

After 4 months in a South American country, I have decided Americans bodies are not meant to live down here. Or at least mine isn’t. After the dengue scare of 6 weeks ago, I got hit hard again yesterday with the same symptoms. Fever over 102, insanely strong headache, cough and just overall body weakness and pain. After we got home from our lunch cita yesterday, I was dead.  So, we went home and I crashed.  But of course, I couldn’t sleep because I had shock or chills or whatever you want to call it. Ya, I literally shook non-stop for 3 hours.  Despite taking ibuprofen, putting wet rags on my head, hydrating and putting on a sweatshirt to stop the shakes. That was effective until I got ridiculously hot and couldn’t feel any of my lower extremities.  So that got taken off and I managed to survive the rest of the night, alternating between heating my body up and lowering the temperature, as well as taking all the ibuprofen I can safely take and lots of wet rags. Needless to say I didn’t really sleep.  

I laid in bed all morning, doing the same treatments and got down to 100 and felt pretty decent besides the cough. Well after a 30 minute walk to the cyber to email you lovely, healthy people, I was tired but still not feeling ridiculously terrible.  So I bought a Powerade to stay hydrated and the longer I sit here the hotter I get and the more pain I’m in.  So I will probably be getting off soon, call the mission nurse, and go the sketchy Paraguayan hospital...again. Yaaaaay.

Anyways I want to end this part of the email with a bit of a testimony and my funeral arrangements.  Ya ya, you can say I’m exaggerating but you’re not here.

I came on a mission cuz of my faith.  I know I needed to, and I know the Lord had things for me to do out here. So I know in my heart that the Lord sent me to Paraguay to make myself a better person, to teach things I need in my life and to help the people I’ve met all along the way. And I’ve decided it’s going to kill me. Just kidding – haha.  But really, pray for me to not die or get sick like this anymore. Just in case.

Rachelle, you are in charge of my funeral attire.  I don’t care as long as my retro 4s are there and my chain is popped. Dad, you are in charge of food I don’t want this to be a stuffy depressing party so have Arby’s, Taco Bell and Panda cater. Nobody can be sad after that line up. Nik Wong, you’re in charge or music same thing nothing depressing I want wedding dance music. Lewis Polkow, your in charge of the eulogy cuz you’re the funniest kid I know and I know it will be good.  Brontay Dickson, you’re in charge of ice cream. Make sure no crap stuff gets there. And a little poor some for my homies…would be a nice touch. Grandpa Hadley, you’re the wood guy, so I want a coffin made of rich mahogany.  It’ll be glorious. Ideally, don’t bury me in Fairfield, but if that’s the only option I want a big freaking stature or a mausoleum. I wanna outdo the rich dudes in LA. (Note:  we took a trip to California for Christmas, and visited some cemeteries in Hollywood) and I want a funny line on the headstone.  Anything else.... oh yes mom…your only job is to not cry so much that my guests need submarine to leave. I think that’s about it.

I will be doing my last will and testament next week if I’m still alive so if you want anything… email me. Much love homies.

Now back to the week. It’s amazing how fast a week goes when you have things going on every night or everyday. For example this week we had zone meeting, trip to Hawaii activity, soccer activity, met a new Hermana (Sister Missionary) from the states, service, and of course all the visits and work we normally do.  We had some really good visits with Laiza Andrea Galdino and Griselda. Griselda has quit smoking, so that’s awesome.  But she didn’t come to church again, so her baptism got moved again. It’s so frustrating living other peoples’ lives.  

Also, we had a day where every single person bought us empanadas and of course you can’t say no.  But after the 8th or 9th you start to hate that taste.  But the people are awesome for doing something like that for us.

I also made the mistake of starting p90x again after 6 weeks or so off, and the abs hurt.  But that was nothing compared to the hip flexors for 2 days after my only joy was sitting down at a visit as my legs could rest.  We had a zone meeting where we learned some good stuff and we actually applied it in our teaching.  So that was cool.  

The trip to Hawaii activity was legit.  It was completely member set up, so that was sketchy but after a rough start it was awesome.  Like any Paraguayan thing, it started an hour late, but they had set up the chairs in the shape of an airplane.  Oh and Paraguayans have an insane fear of planes, so they played that up and made jokes and stuff.  It was hilarious.  The best part was Captain Soares (Branch President Soares) whose noises for the plane starting, turbulence and crashing were hilarious. Eventually we crashed, and a member dressed as an angel, led the people through 3 rooms prepped as the kingdoms of glory. It was way cool.   Then after that, it turned into a dance in the cultural hall.  Then we played musical chairs. Then there was an open mike night, with jokes. It was way awesome!  One of the best activities I’ve ever been too.  Especially when compared to the activity we set up two nights before.

We tried to do a movie night, but the projector wasn’t able to come on.  So as a fall back plan, we played soccer.  It was way fun and naturally it turned into Elders verses members.  And man, can those little kids and girls play ball.  

Also we met the new Hermana, and man do I feel sorry for her.  She has it much rougher than I did.  Her name is Hermana Megan MacFarlane from Utah.  She got a Latin trainer - ouch.  She speaks way worse Spanish than I did – double ouch.  And besides the fever, dengue crap I get, she has had a harder time with the food and sickness. But she’s tough and handles it in stride. She’s gonna be good and she’s gonna speak Spanish like a champ - much faster than me.

We finished the service for Hermana Elvira and she made us dinner.  She’s amazing! 

Also, since I started this blog off overly dramatic and hopefully decently funny, I’ll end with on a spiritual note.

I got some mail this week from my dad, and it had some stories about a former BYU basketball player and a high school football player in Texas.  And it showed me how I should have been, and how much of a failure I was in high school, concerning the church.  It also inspired me to talk with some of those people closest to me in my life that I should have at least talked to.  So if you are one of my good friends from high school or college, expect an email from me in the coming weeks. If you are not remotely interested… be nice.  I’m still you’re good friend.  And I promise I will never bring it up again unless you approach me.

I love all you guys that read my blog and I truly wish the best for you in your life. Take care of yourselves.

And y’all are invited to my funeral if the worst happens. Just kidding -  haha. Talk to you all next week.


Elder Frost

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