Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 9 Blog

Well, I am officially a South American missionary.  I finally got sick!  Sometime Saturday night I got sick, went to church Sunday, spent most of it in the bathroom, then laid in bed\rested all day Sunday, bathroom all night, and finally pulled myself together for p-day. Still not great, but I think the pills have helped.

Oh, what to say about this week, besides the fact that Paraguay is freaking crazy!  This week alone, we had a drug trafficker’s body dumped in our area out of a moving vehicle.  Then, a drunk guy shot up a cop’s house before being chased down, run over with the police truck, and then beat to death literally 20 feet from our main investigator’s house and like an hour after we were there.  Oh, we may also have an exorcism we have to do.  I love South America, man.

But really, today we checked out the linea or the border between Paraguay and Brazil.  It is literally just a road. It also has tons of shops and stuff, so I know I’m gonna get some sick souvenirs and some really cheap soccer jerseys. I gotta be careful though, or else I’m gonna come back loaded with fat watches, nice chains and sunglasses.  These people are gonna take all my money. Haha.  It really is like my MTC teacher said, Paraguay is just one big black market.  It’s rather crazy, but way cool.

On the border between Brazil and Paraguay.  The Brazilian city is named Ponta Pora.

Unfortunately, the work wasn’t great this week.  We had a bunch of really amazing investigators and lessons but none of them came to church, so we have to move their baptism dates and figure out what went wrong.  Digna did come though and is ready to be baptized, which is crazy. When I got here, she was just a straight snake only talking to us cuz we are sexy North Americans.  Then, somewhere in the last week, she changed and keeps all our commitments, comes to activities, and wants to be baptized. It’s legit. I know the spirit touched her.  It’s so sweet. We have also been able to use Paola and Rafa to help us teach investigators.  That is going awesome! 

What else? This week is gonna be crazy and not much work is gonna happen since today is p-day, tomorrow we have district meeting and an amazing lunch cita (lunch date).  But, it always runs late. Wednesday is normal.  Thursday we are painting Mercedes’ house, then going to Asuncion.   Eight hours later, we have interviews and a temple trip.  Then back to PJC (Pedro Juan Caballero), so 8 hours later has us here just in time for Saturday conference then Sunday conference.  And then boom, I’ll be writing you guys again.

 So weird how long the days seem, but when you look back, you have no idea where the time has gone.

The language is still tough, but I have started teaching more in my lessons, which is cool.  But, apparently my accent is terrible so nobody understands me.

I also had my first division this week, which was a total waste of time.  A division is where you go with a different elder in the district or zone for a day and see how the work is and stuff with them.  Mine was terrible. Every meeting fell through, so we literally walked around all day contacting.  Which isn’t terrible, but the district leader has the most random train of thought I have ever seen then he’d just stop and look at me and expect me to pick up where he left off and lead the lesson.  So dumb.  Never happier to be back in Rama 5.

Also, we lost our water this week for a good chunk of time, so that was fun.  We have a lizard that moves into our house when we’re gone during the day.   And a neighbor’s dog that barks all night.  Oh, and I get woken up by roosters.   So different than the States.  
Also, this week was Semana Santa or holy week.  So every shop has been closed since like Wednesday, and on Friday they really believe that nobody should leave their houses and they only eat chipa.   So weird.   

Also, I finished the Old Testament 2 days ago.   So, Elder Diotaiuti, I fully expect you to pay me the 20 bucks you owe me when we get back to the States in 2 years.   Now I only have the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants left.
Also, if you have any pics of me and you that you want me to have for the photo album here, email me them and I’ll print them off.  Latinos love seeing pics of your home and friends and such.

Also, the rule has changed so anybody can email me. Do it!

Adios, amigos. Love and miss you all.

Elder Anthony Frost


Just a reminder - please send all future cards, letters, and packages to:

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