Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 10

So this week was basically a waste of actual proselyting time, but it was also way good.

Conference can save even the most pointless week.

It rained all week.  Literally all week.  And in Paraguay, that means nobody goes to anything, does anything or lets you talk to them.  So that is terrible.   It did allow me to wear my black trenchcoat and get called “matrix” by all the Latinos, which was pretty funny.

Then Wednesday we did karaoke again, which is always a good time.  I sang “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling.  It was nice.  Although the highlight was by far Elder Hunsaker’s version of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way”.  So funny.   (Note:  Elder Hunsaker and Elder Plasencia also serve in Rama 5 with Anthony and Elder Anderson).  It got crazy after though.  

We almost had a “situation”…    I’m not gonna use names cuz that’s bad, but basically, two of our investigators showed up to karaoke in some of the sluttiest dress clothes you can imagine.  Anyway, they somehow managed to arrive at the activity on motos (motorcycles), but did not have a ride home.  I hope you can sense my sarcasm.  Anyway, they decided to walk home.   And their path home leads them through some of our worst streets, so they might actually have gotten raped or worse.  So of course, we can’t let them do that.   And, yes, we know as a missionary we shouldn’t walk them home, but, as good guys, we couldn’t let them do it.  So we start to walk and of course they have heels -- so dumb in Paraguay where the streets are crazy uneven or dirt.   Anyway, they need our arms so they can walk.  Ya, starting to get sketchy, so my comp breaks free and starts calling everybody we can to try and get them a ride.   And they start leading us down a dark street.  Then it’s like…oh crap.  Just then their ride comes.  Oh man, were they mad.   But we survived, and nobody got in trouble.   Although they did end up crashing, and of course it was our fault for making them ride and not walk with them.   But ya know, not worth it.   And, they were uninjured in the crash, so all is good.   

 It did enforce the point that I need a fake girlfriend.  I know I joked about that in the MTC, but out here I really do to get some of these girls off my back.   It’s insane.   So if you want to be my fake mission girlfriend, email me, and I’ll send you an application. Hahaha.   Anyway, that was exciting.

Then Thursday, we had a huge zone meeting that took all morning, and then we had to pack.  So Thursday was a wash.   Our zone leaders missed the bus, which was rather hilarious. But we rolled into Asuncion at like 5 am and then waited around until 7am for our interviews with the mission president.   And then a crazy packed day began!   

 After my interview, which went way good  -- the president said I speak very good Spanish -- we went to the dentist for my comp, who broke a tooth in Filadelphia and was having crazy pain with it.   They wanted do an implant, so I slept while they cleaned it out.   And since it’s a surgery, he got to call home and see if they wanted to do it in the States or here.   It woulda sucked if he went home, cuz he’s awesome!   But they chose to do it here.   

I also got a package and letters from my dad and grandma.   If you have written me, I will get it.  It just takes forever for me to get to Asuncion and actually get the mail.   So don’t’ worry, I will get your letters.

Then it was off to the distribution center for tons of Bibles and Book of Mormons for our new converts and temple clothes for me.   Then we ate a sick lunch at a nearby restaurant.  I ate a Lomito.  It was so good!  Then I attended a temple session, which is always nice.  Then we walked to Pizza Hut.   Real pizza!  Awwww, yeah.  So good.  Some stuffed crust. Yum.

Anyway, then a crazy bus ride back to Pedro Juan.   There were like 50 million people on the bus.  It was so hot, and I was worrying about my backpack, my exit, my suitcase with the books and clothes.   It was just so stressful.   While I was in the terminal waiting for the bus, I watched The Dark Knight (Batman) as it was on the bus station TV.   Then while on the bus, I slept til… the tire exploded.   Then slept more.  Then  I watched conference on Saturday and Sunday,  which was way good.

It is weird to do Saturday conference and to actually pay attention, as I never did before the mission.   Elder Holland’s talk really stood out; so did Elder Bednar’s.   And it was cool to see Elder Callister’s talk because he wrote my Infintie Atonement book, which is a way good book. Then conference was over.

And now I’m here again, writing you guys.   It seems just yesterday I was here.   We played soccer, did some shopping, and now emailing.

This week should be a good work week.   We have a baptism scheduled this weekend, another wedding, and 2 baptisms at the end of the month.   We also have several really promising investigators we need to focus on this week.  So it should be good.

As always, love you guys. Email me or write me.  Love hearing from people.  Peace.


Elder Anthony Frost

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