Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 11

So this week was kind of a blur  - not gonna lie.

In this week alone we had baptism drama, bug drama, dengue drama, robbery drama, house shopping, service, a quince, and I taught a class on Sunday. Yes, I will go into detail on all this.  I’m not just gonna leave you all imagining stuff.  Haha.

The baptism drama is that we were supposed to baptize a girl on Friday night.  She has been involved in this love triangle and so obviously we knew the law of chastity might be an issue.  So, we hammered it all week leading up to her interview.  Each time, she said she was ready. We set the interview for Thursday night. Everything is ready to go.  The district leaders are on their way to do the interview when we get to our mission work meeting and a member that helps us tells us this girl called her.   She said she doesn’t think she can keep the law of chastity. Oh crap. So, we call and cancel with the district leaders and run out to see her because we had to inform her we were canceling her baptism for the next day.  Fun, right?  But, it went well.   We talked with her a lot and figured it was ok.  She just got nervous, and it was a misunderstanding about her concerns. I bore my testimony to her about the law of chastity and told her my story.  If you want to hear my story, it can be found on this blog.  And no, that wasn’t a selfish plug for my video. Haha.  Anyway, it helped, and she is getting baptized Wednesday night.

We have a birthday for an 8-year-old girl.  Her baptism, our investigator's baptism, and ward night is on Wednesday.  It’s gonna be nuts!

Next up, bug drama. When I first got here, I met one of my comp's friends in the mission. He had dengue and looked like death.  He is just now getting back on his feet, and it’s been a month!  Crazy stuff.  Anyway, 4 missionaries got it in like 3 days this week.  So the nurse is freaking out about bugs.  So, we had to use this crazy bug killer that is illegal in the States.  Basically, it kills anything on contact, also people if they drink it. We needed to spray it anyway, but this was motivation. So we sprayed it.  Then, we were just kicking it in the house, laying in bed, writing in our journals, talking, that sort of thing, and then all these cockroaches came flying out of everywhere trying to get away from the bug spray.  But, at this point, they were already gonna die. So, we are on edge, because they are coming out of walls.  They were falling off the ceiling and into our beds and are just everywhere!  We finally get to sleep, and the next day, we wake up to 20 dead cockroaches that we found and 1 dead lizard.  It was insane!  There were more, I’m sure, that died outside of the house.  So, we will never know how many.

Now the robbery drama. Our zone leaders got robbed - losing their phone and their money.  Which lead Elder Anderson and I to decide - what we would do if someone tried to rob us? It broke down like this: gun - give it to them; knife - resist if they are drunk; if not, give it to them; unarmed - hit them or run.  So, hopefully nobody tries to rob us.  Haha. 

What else? Oh ya, house shopping.  So, as I was jumproping outside the other day, our landlady showed up, and we paid her rent.  Apparently, she is screwing us price-wise.  The Aguello family knows of some houses that are nicer and cheaper.  So, we are looking around.  We found 1 sick one.  It has a fenced in yard with a steel gate, a yard big enough to play a small soccer game on.  It has an air conditioner and looks much better constructed.  It’s cheaper, so we may be moving next month, which would be sick. 

We also had a quince this weekend.  For those of you who don’t know, a quince is like a sweet sixteen mixed with a bar mitzvah.  They spend more money on this than they make in a year.  It’s like giving your daughter away to the world and like legalizes her for marriage.  It’s strange.   And then everybody hooks up afterwards.  It’s crazy.  Anyway, my comp and I went to that, looking fresh.(see pic below.  But before that, we did service for the family, getting it ready.  We had to cut weeds with a machete, pointless tool by the way, but I looked sick using it.  Then I pulled water from a well, like 1700s status. Weird.  And then, we moved bricks so they could make a BBQ.  It was a nice change of pace from missionary work, all day everyday, though.  But I will end with some good mission stuff.

On Sunday I had to give my first class, all in Spanish.  And of course, chastity is up this week. Luckily I’m a pro on that subject (watch the farewell talk, seriously).  Anyway, I thought it was rough, but the 6 people in there all said I did good.  Haha.

We found an amazing guy that makes me see the power of the Holy Ghost.  So we contacted this reference but the wife wasn’t there, so we talked to the husband.  We taught him the restoration lesson.  We did not teach the best in our words or in our technique, but the guy started crying and hugged us and said, "Thank you so much for coming. " He wanted us to come back and teach his whole family.  He asked when and where church is, which NEVER happens.  It was just awesome to see that power.  So ya, crazy week, but so good.

And then today, I bought my first soccer jerseys.  It’s a sick Gremio one (Gremio is a soccer team from Porto Alegre, Brazil) and a fresh Sneijder Netherlands black one. Way nice!  We also contacted two ladies in a store, as I was checking out a sick Diesel watch and some Oakleys.  Both real, by the way.  Anyway, they worked there and asked about the church and want a Book of Mormon, so we are going back to give them to them tomorrow. Should be good.

Write me.

Love all you guys. 

Elder Anthony Frost

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