Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 13

So, not much really happened this week.

And by that, I mean we didn’t even really get out of our house. Elder Anderson has been sick for like 2 weeks.  So this week, he started taking “the bomb” or the pills they give you when you go back to the States.  And well, they wrecked him.  He was super weak and sick, so he couldn’t even leave the house Thursday or Friday.
Wednesday we did work but had to cancel Griselda’s wedding because she lost her ID.  Sometimes I swear, we have to live these people’s lives for them.   But, it is all worth it.

Anyway Anderson was sick, so I basically laid around all day.   I read a little.  Then I cleaned the whole house like crazy. Then I made fajitas, which were freaking bomb by the way.   And crazy, cuz I had to use a whole chicken - like guts and all.  It was crazy; I had no idea what I was doing. I basically just broke the bird in half and cut off the drumsticks and the breasts. Haha.  But the breasts turned out nice. It was pretty crazy though. That’s what the pics are of.
I don't know why Anthony has to cook with his shirt off -
especially when he is sporting a farmer's tan
Leftover "stuff" after cleaning and preparing the chicken for fajitas
The end results - best fajitas in Paraguay

Umm what else, oh ya, I watched Charly, which isn’t a mission movie, but it’s about baptism and is generally accepted as ok to watch.  Freaking saddest movie ever though. I almost cried, and I never cry.  I recommend it everyone…if you wanna cry. Haha.

Also, this week were changes, and I successfully survived the first one.  So I have 1 down and 15 more to go.  But whose counting? Haha.  Elder Hunsaker finally left Pedro Juan.  He’s been here for almost 9 months, which is a crazy amount of time. He was replaced by Elder Anderl, who is a friend of my comp Elder Anderson.  He is just getting over dengue though, so he’s still pretty out of it.  I also got called "fat" this week, which was rather shocking since I didn’t think I had gotten fat. Haha.  And yes, down here being called fat is not an insult, but it was still shocking.   Micheli, an investigator from Brazil, told me I had gotten fat in my cheeks.  But it was cute.  Yup, that’s right, all overweight Americans need to move down here.  Haha.

Also, we finally got a table to prep food from the office elders' house, which is way nice!  So now we can actually cook.

Oh ya, and then Saturday night I started feeling sick.  Then yesterday I got really sick and had temperature in triple digits; I was super dizzy and had weak, upset stomach.  Ya, it just sucks.  Being sick is so much worse on the mish.  For this reason though I’m gonna end this now since I need a nap.

Love all you guys.

Elder Anthony Frost

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