Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 39

So, sorry to anybody that I didn’t respond to last week. I had a good reason. So there was a crazy storm last Monday and all of Pedro Juan didn’t have power or internet. So I managed to get the blog and a couple letters to the family out but… ya, that was it.

The storm was so crazy, we didn’t even make it back to our house in one run. It started picking up like crazy, so we took shelter in a gym on the road. The guy was super legit.  He just let us kick it there. It was him, his girlfriend and some other people. Some random kid that was in the gym thought we were awesome, and bugged us the whole time. Haha.  So, as we were waiting for the storm to die, we saw lightning strike. It literally hit a tree right across the street. It was so nuts.  I am glad we weren’t walking in it. It finally died down, so we went home.  But the streets were straight rivers.  I had water up to my knees in one spot. Crazy! I miss drought stricken Montana on days like that.  I hate walking when I’m wet. Haha.  Anyway, that was a good start to the week.

This week was actually a good week.  We did a lot of service and it’s really great to be able to give back to the people like that.  One example was on Tuesday night we sat with Mercedes at her house while she cleaned.  It just gave her somebody to talk to, since all her family was gone. Yes we helped clean too. Haha. 

We also gave a bible to Juan.  He’s the paralyzed guy who’s awesome! Anyway he’s been using a Jehovah’s Witness bible for years, so we figured it was time to get him a new one.  So we bought one from the office and gave it to him.  He was so excited.

Then Wednesday we went and worked more on that house we were building.  So that was interesting.  The house still needs a lot of work, obviously. Then we had an awesome night Wednesday.

So our Wednesday activities are basically busts, unless its karaoke.  But we can’t do karaoke every week… so its a conundrum, right?  Anyway, this week at lunch at Lucias, I found an American football.  So I asked her to bring it on Wednesday night.  So we taught all the Latin youth that came to activity night, how to play American football.  It was highly entertaining. They had a really hard time understanding downs, and why you can’t throw the ball after you catch it.  But otherwise, they picked it up really fast.  Everyone had a good time.  It was a lot of fun.

The surprise was Camila. That girl can play ball.  By far, the MVP of the night.  She dominated for our team and made me look like Peyton Manning back there.  She’s really fast and has hands for days.  She literally caught everything. I threw a pass to far in front, nope fingertip grab for a TD. Insane!  Also that night, I played Picki Volley for the first time, as we were waiting for people to come.  It’s freaking awesome! love it!  It is a cross of volleyball mixed with soccer and a short net.  Sign me up.

So the next day we did a division.  It was just the 4 of us in Rama 5, but it was still fun.  So we met up on Thursday morning for pancakes, and then made the switch.  So I was with Elder Worsham.  He is the kid Elder Wall is training.  Well, he is also 6 foot 8.  So ya, that was fun walking around with him all day. Haha.  I looked like a midget.  But it was a good division. I like the new kids.  I really wanna train one day.  We also talked basketball a ton, which was awesome cuz it’s been awhile since I’ve talked sports with someone.  I also found out he’s probably playing college ball for Weber after the mish.  So that’s tight.  Anyway, we finished up our division, with me spending the night in the other program.  I had my best night of sleep in…forever. 

Their house has an AC, and oh man, is it worth it.  I gotta get one!  It’s getting hot here.  It’s been 95ish all week and humid and it’s just getting hotter.

We almost finished the house project, on Friday but the roof material was terrible.  So we decided to wait and buy more and finish it another day.

Then on Saturday I met a really awesome family that Elder Wall and Elder Menchaca found on Thursday during the division.  They are menos activos (less active), but man…they are legit.  I really hope I can get the Familia Sanchez back to church.  It would be way legit!

So one last thing this week.  I have more or less 10000 hours left in my mission.  So as you all know, it takes 10000 hours to master a skill.  So I’m looking for suggestions on what skill I should master.  Hit me up with ideas.

I love all you guys and can’t wait to see y’all on the other side of those hours.  I hope life is treating you well. I’m doing good, and wish all the same to you.


Elder Frost

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