Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 36

So Conference is awesome! It’s also a cool experience and definitely different as a missionary. Can’t really explain why, but it is. 3 reasons I’ve thought of are: 1) I actually watch Saturday session. 2) I don’t have anything else to do to distract myself, so I actually get something out of it and 3) well honestly, I give a crap.  Which I didn’t do before.  So ya, I guess that would be why it’s different out here.

Anyway conference was good, but it wasn’t the only thing that happened this week out here in PJC. Elder Menchaca, Elder Wall, Elder Alfonso and I got pizza together on Monday night and that’s always fun.

Then Tuesday night, we had the baptism interview for Roni.  That was legit, since it meant his baptism would actually happen. After that I had my first sparring session with Elder Menchaca, and some local kids boxed too.  So that was highly entertaining. haha

Then of course Wednesday was the baptism. And of course, continuing with my uncanny ability to have something go wrong during a baptism, some things went wrong. Haha. Luckily nothing with the baptism this time or else I would have just given up ever planning a baptism again haha. Roni got there on time with his family.  His mom, who is a completely inactive member, even came so that was legit. He also chose me to baptism him and that was cool. A baptism is a baptism, but it’s cooler to be the guy all in white. Luckily, I didn’t say anything wrong, so the baptism went fine. We did have to scramble as once again our talks bounced, but besides that it was good. The problems came after the water. So for one, I forgot a change of clothes.  So ya that was fun.  Then the brownies weren’t quite done on the bottom so that was fun.  Oh, and then the giant activity we planned afterwards was just a karaoke night but with lots of people for once.  It all depended on Rafa, who didn’t show up.  So we sent two youths on a moto to go find him. Ya some missionary I am, I sent two youths to where Rafa works, which is basically a brothel. haha Well anyway, they didn’t find him. So we sent Mercedes who did know where he worked, so he finally got there but by then most of the people had left. Luckily some youth from Rama 1 that I had invited were there as they sang the most and just kept things going. Also, I finally got Mercedes to sing, which was work as she has a huge fear of public speaking or stage fright or whatever you want to call it.  She sang “Far Away” by Nickelback.  It was good.  In return I let her pick my song. Well she picked “Thrift Shop”.  So ya, I rapped “Thrift Shop”. Haha.  I’m  not gonna say it was great, but it was funny.
Baptism of Roni

The next day, I swear I was living with Noah because it rained so much. I literally walked on water. Well if you want to get technical, I walked on the street that was under water, but still… haha,  Anyway we were like 30 minutes from our area, under normal conditions, so we took shelter in a less active lady’s house.  But after like an hour with no signs of letting up, we walked home. Well, the street had literally turned into a river. It had a strong current.  It had waves.  It had rapids. It had trash floating down.  I am in South America after all.  The only thing it lacked was a crocodile. But oh well. Anyway after an hour of walking upstream completely soaked, we made it.

Then Friday was Elder Menchaca’s birthday so we did our normal stuff before going to the Hermana Blandina’s house for his birthday dinner. They killed one of their chickens for him and made a soup.  It was alright but it was a good time, which was better.

Then conference was on Saturday.  Someone said it is was going to be 10 hours long. So naturally I spent my food money for the week on snacks for conference. I was all set.  I had wannabe starbursts, some fruity candy cookies, pringles, a box of fruit loops, and some other stuff.  So I basically ate my way through conference.  We also bought ice cream and had ice cream and brownies in between sessions. I really enjoyed conference.  But as always, I’ll get more out of it once I have the talks in print.

As I was sitting there, I did think -  if I could meet one apostle who would it be?  I  chose Elder Holland hands down.  Dude’s legit.  But I wanna hear your thoughts.  So if you could chose one apostle to meet, who would it be?  Older ladies need not respond; we all know you’d chose President Uchtdorf. Haha. 

Well that was conference, but the week wouldn’t end without a little more excitement. We had dinner after conference with a member.  During dinner, we heard a pop pop pop sound but louder and faster.  Come to find out, right around the corner from her house there was a drive-by shooting. 1 dead  and 3 wounded.  Freaking crazy.  The dude took 20 bullets.  Blood was everywhere!  Anyway, if that wasn’t enough, 30 minutes later a street fight broke out and a guy was stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass.  So naturally, we went home. Crazy! 

And the final news of the week.  This week was changes, but just like the last 6 times…I’m in Pedro Juan Caballero still. And Elder Menchaca is still my comp. So that’s legit since it means more time to learn to box.

Love you guys take care.


Elder Frost

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