Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 65

So, I feel old.  I am old actually, and it kinda sucks.

So this last week two more of my mission friends went home as they ended their time. I’m realizing I have less and less people I know every time the mission gets together.  So that’s kinda freaking me out. Also back in the States all my friends are graduating college this month or have already graduated. Where did the time go... also I’m still a college sophomore. go me.   But for all my friends, good luck in the real world.  I’ll be along someday...

Now, on to the week that was.  It began with a normal Monday of soccer, cyber and grocery shopping. Although my team went on the most impressive run of wins I’ve seen in the mission during soccer.  We straight up dominated. My defense was lock down again; although, my shot has become terrible. We beat everyone over and over again. We played so long and won so long Elder Alvizures had to sub himself out due to dehydration. It was legit.

Then we had a Noche de Hogar with Jose Felix and his mom. It went really well.  He’s a little different, in more ways than one, but he wants to help us.  Plus they gave us dinner for free.  Love free food!

We are working a lot with members, and well everybody, to work on reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover.  It’s amazing how many people have been members their whole lives and never done it.  So if back home, you are one of those people - do it.  And, yes, I didn’t do it until the mission I’ll confess, ha ha.

On Tuesday we went to the temple. We only get to go once a year so it’s kind of a big deal to the missionaries. It turned into quite the day. Started off with way too early bus rides like most mission days do, then it got crazy as all the missionaries tried using the same bus.  So no one got on.  In the end, we trusted a missionary who was wrong, and we ended up walking forever to get to the temple. So we got there all tired and sweaty and just a tad bit late. 

On the walk, a shopping center had the VS (Victoria’s Secret) fashion show playing on a Times Square type screen.  It was crazy.

Anyway the temple went really well, even though I almost didn’t get to go as the humidity has blurred my numbers on my recommend, so it couldn’t be read.  But they did finally admit me, and it was a very great experience.

After that we had a testimony meeting that went really well.  I even bore my testimony or the thing I attempt to call a testimony. I haven’t done that in years.  It went well, I think. I also got told by the mission president’s wife that she misses my confidence.   See I told you cocky was a Christ-like attribute.  Just kidding, ha ha.

Then lunch was Pizza Hut, so pretty solid even though not States quality.  Then a slideshow of the mission. I was in the slideshow 2 times -- one at a BBQ in Anahi, and the other with Elder Anderson at Rafa’s baptism. Yup -- being an example for the entire mission, That’s me and Anderson.  But for real, those were the best days of my mission and how the mission should be.  I’m trying to get back to that, and with Elder Alvizures, we are progressing.

Then as we waited for a bus, we went into BK (Burger King) and got milkshakes and they happened to be showing the champions league semifinal between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea so I may or may not have kept ordering things and eating them until the game was over. Sadly the game was a disappointment, but still a good time.

Then on Wednesday, Elder Beyhmer and Willes both went home. So crazy that everybody is dying on me.  But good for them, and hopefully, I’ll hit them up once I’m back in the States, as they are going to UVU.  Like I said, I feel old.

That same day I also did visits with Jose Felix, the member from Monday night. So like I said, he is a little different, which makes visits a bit of an adventure. One is he’s gay.  So that’s just always a little uncomfortable.  The second is he loves deep doctrine and most of the time it is way, way, way, out there and not at all confirmed.  So you gotta be careful with what he says.  But the visits went really well. He showed us a lot of former investigators’ houses and some of his neighbors.  We got some good work out of it.  The final visit was with a deaf lady who was nice enough to invite us to her grandkids’ b-day party on Saturday.  So that was exciting.  We do love parties and free food.  Not sure if I said that. Ha ha. 

We also did service this week cutting down a coconut tree.  So we walked around with an ax for awhile.  Surprisingly nobody wanted to talk to us.  Nobody wanted to talk to us when a boxer followed us around for awhile either, but both were good days.  We did the service on Saturday -- my job being the unknowledgeable ax user was to pull on the rope so the tree fell in the right direction. We brought a pro with us and in like 10 minutes he cut the tree -- something it woulda taken us hours to do.  So that was a plus. 

Then at night we had the deaf lady’s b-day party.  It turned out to be just us as everybody else had come and gone before we got there.  She had made 20 liters of hot chocolate and had cookies and candy and cake to eat. So we ate and drank and had a good night before she sent us home with a doggie bag. Super, super nice lady and really funny.  But trying to yell a lesson is really ineffective, so we will see where that goes.

This week there is a member of the 70 coming, so that’s exciting and then next week is changes.  Time flies.

Hope you all had a good week; I know I did. 

Love you guys and take care,


Elder Frost

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