Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 59

So we had a pretty calm p-day last week. Elder Wolfgramm and McClelland were busy, so we were by ourselves.  So we went and ate. I got Quiznos and then frozen yogurt.  So good!  I also began my health kick as you can see. Then we decided to go in and explore a different supermarket.  And it was worth it. I scored Kraft mac and cheese and snack packs. Who says I’m a grown up? Ha ha. So that was really legit.

Then at night, we had a cool family home evening with the Familia Avalos. They are a legit family.  Every time we are at their house, I feel like I’m home in the States. Their family is like a good, normal family, and their house is pretty nice.  They even ask us to wash our hands before we eat.  Crazy!  So we had planned on showing them the “Family is Forever” video.  But, we couldn’t get it.  Then we were gonna show “Testaments,” but they wanted to be outside so no TV.  So, we winged an activity about Lehi’s dream.  But Elder Beus and I both thought and imagined it different ways, so it was awkward.  But it went well.  They understood and we had a good lesson and then good food as she made sopa and pizza. Pretty solid night. Hopefully we can get the dad baptized. He is such a good guy that the members joke that becoming a member of our church would corrupt him. He gave us 2 of his work shirts.  So I can now pretend I work for ANDE (the electric company), pretty legit actually.

Then on Wednesday I hit my year mark in country.  How crazy is that!  It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here a year or that in like 10 months I’m home. So weird.  We didn’t do anything special for it, but still a landmark of the mission.

Then we had quite the day on Thursday. It was a zone conference and so that always basically kills your day. But at least this one didn’t make me want to kill myself.  It helped that before we went there we went to McDonalds and ate with Elders Wolfgramm and McClelland. They have a sweet big mac deal right now where it costs 7500 Guarnai (approximately $1.69 U.S.).  So I got that 10 piece nuggets and an Oreo McFlurry.  Also while we waited for them to show up, the TV had Pokemon on, so naturally I watched.  Ha ha.  Yes I am 22 years old, but again who says that is grown up?  Ha ha.  Then the zone conference went well.  We learned some stuff.  And then…a bit of an adventure.  So I tried taking a bus back to our house or rather a route I never take, but a member told me works. Well, apparently 2 buses of the same number pass by there but end up in different areas.  So instead of getting dropped off on our doorstep, we got dropped off 4 kilometers away with a box of Book of Mormons, our winter blankets, and our backpacks, and on top of that we were in our suits and it’s still in the Paraguayan summer.  Not a fun walk back. Very hot!  But we made it.

On Saturday we did service for a member family, and it was good to get my hands dirty again.  Although I’m older and wiser now, so when the blisters started I switched to raking instead of using the machete to cut.  The others weren’t as lucky. But then it started to rain, so that died.  But not before she gave us banana bread and lemonade. So good.

Then on Sunday we had a less active lady come to church with us. She was the town drunk just a couple weeks ago.  We have been teaching her. When we showed up at her house, she was ready to go.  Not only was she ready to go, but she was listening to hymns. Crazy.  So that was really exciting.  Then after that, we did a visit with the Hermano Martinez.  Like always, it took hours - but it was worth it as she could turn into a cool lady to visit.  We also gave her a blessing for her surgery, so that’s always a really good feeling. I also ate two milk-based dessert things this week with the Familia Zorrilla.  The first one was milk, white corn kernels and sugar.  The second was rice with milk.  Both were pretty good actually.  And I ate a lot better this week and did harder workouts so hopefully that will make a difference, and I’ll look good by the time hot tub season rolls around and I’m home.

Love you guys. Take care and have a good week.

Elder Frost

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