Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 58

First of all, I am sorry that this post and last week's post were delayed.  There was a computer issue.  But now that it has been fixed, I can post this weeks as well as last weeks blog.

So, I had a pretty good week except for the one big negative -- I’ve gotten fat. 

So I’ve known my body has pretty much gone to crap, but I’d been lying to myself saying it’s not that bad.  Well, the past week everybody and I mean everybody has made a comment about my panza, my stomach.  Therefore I’m on a health kick and workout kick so hopefully that dies.  If you have any good advice, please let me know. I’d prefer to not be thought of as the fat missionary. Ha ha.

On Monday, we went to Asuncion to take care of some business. I forgot how long it takes to get there and how much it takes out of your p-day. Luckily, I had a package and we went to TGI Fridays for lunch so that made it all worth it. We accidently jumped on the wrong bus to get to the office but we made it there anyway somehow someway.  Then Elder Wolfgramm gave me terrible directions on how to get to TGI Fridays but like I said we did make it and the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce steak and brownie obsession was definitely worth the trip. It was my last meal. Ha ha. I promise I’m going healthy.

Anyway, I also got a sick Valentine’s Day package from my family that was all TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtle) themed. Yup, my family knows me well and loves me.  It was so good!  Especially the gummies. I love gummies.  Also hanging out with the boys at a restaurant is always a good time.  

The weather is also starting to get nice, so that’s awesome.  Unfortunately, that also means it’s starting to get rainy, and I hate the rain.  We had one rainy day this week, and it didn’t turn out terrible so that’s a good thing.  I even busted out the trenchcoat again. Oh, boy here we go.

I also had to do a division this week -- maybe the worst division I’ve done.  Not because of the person, but because every visit fell through, so he had me walking around in the sun all day not really doing anything.  I got chaffed hard core.  It was terrible.  I do feel like the one visit we did though I was able to help him understand and break through his doubt.  He is Brazilian and teaching him made me feel right at home back in PJC.  It was so cool!  I can also still understand most of my Portuguese.  
The next day we did service for our bishop, helping him build a roof.  I’m so much more impressed with how Paraguayan houses are now that I have seen the tools they have to work with.  I didn’t know the Flintstones were ahead of their time, but in Paraguay they are.  It was really good helping the bishop out, even if I did get sunburned.  We also talked with him about his military service, and that was really cool. 

Also, I got in trouble this week.  Well, more like my reputation as a lone wolf, rebellious missionary grew.  There was a zone activity on Saturday to help out a different zone, but I had things more important in my area and so we didn’t go.  Apparently it turned into quite the story.  Gotta love mission gossip.

Also, met a really cool guy on Sunday.  He was waiting to talk to a member, and he talked to us instead.  He is from Africa and speaks English and has a crazy story of coming to Paraguay.  Basically his country was placed on sanctions, so they went around to all the embassies hoping to get out of the country, and Paraguay was the only one that accepted him.  So, he came and now he’s been here for years.  Crazy.  Also we finally got to meet the Hermano Diaz and did a good lesson with them using a box activity about faith and eternal life.  Thanks Elder Anderson for teaching me that one.

Love you guys. Take care and talk more next week,


Elder Frost

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