Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 17

So this week went by ridiculously fast thanks to once again a trip to Asuncion. When it is a good 7 or 8 hour bus ride each way, that tends to kill days in a week. This time we went in for a zone conference. It was my first and coincidentally the last for President Madariaga. It was really good. I especially loved the talks given by both President and Sister Madariaga, and the testimonies from all the leaving elders, President and Sister Madariaga were incredible. Definitely glad I was there.

After that we had time to kill, as our bus didn’t leave until night. So we walked across the street and Elder Anderson got some Burger King to eat. Then we decided to go check out a Catholic church down the road from the office.

Well, we missed our bus.  So, as we are standing there trying to figure out what to do, I see a Ferris wheel. Yup, a Ferris wheel.  So of course, we have to go check it out.   Luckily for us, it only costs 5 mil (or a little over a dollar for 10 times around) so Elder Anderson and Elder Anderl and I all go for a ride as Elder Plasencia takes pictures and video tapes it. It was way cool: one to be on a Ferris wheel again and two when you were at the top you could see all over Asuncion.  It was way pretty. 

 Ferris wheel in Asuncion

Then we walked to the Catholic church and checked it out and took some pictures.  It was way pretty.  I love old Catholic churches.  This one isn’t nearly as legit as the ones from England and Italy, but still way sick.

After that, we came home and jumped off the bus early so we didn’t have to get a taxi since we’re broke.  But it meant a long walk in the crazy fog mist.  Then we took a short power nap, since you can never get good sleep on a bus.  Then it was off to our lunch cita and a normal day.
That night was our Noche de Rama (branch night).  We had planned on playing volleyball and soccer, but the fog mist was crazy so not many people came.  But we ended up playing in the fog.  It was cool!  A couple of the members are pretty good.

So Thursday we had an adventure in the kitchen.   Memo to self -- don’t let Anderson be in charge of stuff in the oven.  Anyway, a couple weeks ago we borrowed a pan from a member named Mercedes.  We promised we would make her some peach cobbler and do a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with her and her family one night.  So Thursday was the night, and we made the cobbler, put it in the oven, started our studies, and then got to planning.  Then we remembered the visit.  Annnnnd, yup, the cobbler was still in the oven.  After 2 hours in the oven ,it was pretty black.  So I spent 30 minutes scrubbing it to clean the pan and we made another one.  This one we did not burn.  It was very good.  And we had a good laugh and a lesson about preparedness.  And yes, since we are missionaries, we did eat the burnt one.  Just not with members. Haha. 

The next day was Friday, and we had a great day planned.  But it got really foggy and misty and most everything fell through.  So needing a pick-up, we made homemade chicken noodle soup and some Rocklet sugar cookies.   Rocklets are like Paraguayan M & Ms but cheaper. Anyway, it was way good and a good pick-me-up.  Although after eating 100 cookies, our stomachs didn’t agree with us for awhile.  Haha.  But of course still worth it.
Rocklets candies used with the sugar cookies

I must be turning into a girl since I actually used my jacket this week and felt cold a couple times.  In Montana, this would be warm!

Also had some crazy drama on Sunday as our best recent convert and one of the most active people in the world was forced to move to Brazil to live with a sister by her mom since her boyfriend is a drug dealer apparently and is a bad influence.  So ya, that's depressing.  But it’s just another day in Paraguay.

Nothing crazy or worth writing happened today, so I’m gonna wrap this up with I love all you guys and keep your stick on the ice.
Elder Frost

P.S.  Anthony will be posting more pictures later this week.  Check back to see them.

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