Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 15

So this week we got to Skype our families for Mother’s Day.  And as bad as this is gonna sound, that kinda dominates your mindset for the whole week. It’s basically just counting down until you get on that camera.  So, not the greatest or most productive week for us, but still a good one.

Also I worked on my gangsterness by purchasing a real silver chain.   Yup, I’m balling.  Just gotta buy a 9 when I get back.  Ha ha.

Also I sang “I believe I can fly” by R Kelly. Ya, it was freaking awesome!  Although I will concede he has a better voice,  I’d like to think I did decent.  If I can get the videos uploaded, y’all will have to tell me what you think. Karaoke night is always a blast.  I’d been wanting to do that song forever, so it was even better.  

Karaoke King

Also this week, I caved into my natural instincts and homesickness.  Elder Anderson and I made brownies.  Then we bought ice cream and carried it back to our apartment.  Anyway, that night I may, or may not, have eaten half a pan of brownies and a half kilo (or 1.1 lbs) of ice cream.  Since there is no remaining evidence, it can’t be proven.  Ha ha.  But, it was so good.

We also did service for one of our investigators. The service was cutting up some trees and piling them up for them.   The weird thing is…they don’t have trees in their yard.  And then one day, these busted trees were lying in their yard.  Anyway, we look for any service we can do, since it breaks up the monotony of walking and preaching.   Plus we get to wear normal clothes. It’s the weird things that make you happy on the mission.  Ha ha. 
Service Project with Elder Anderson
Anyway, so I got the machete while Elder Anderson had the ax.  My job was to cut all the branches off.   No problem, except my machete was sooooo dull.  I was basically swinging it as hard as possible, hoping the branch would break.   Of course doing that means I can’t be accurate, as I found out the hard way, when I missed a branch and wrecked my hand.   My knuckle got destroyed.  Luckily the machete was dull or I wouldn’t have a finger.  Ha ha. 

Anyway, eventually we got a new one that was sharp and the work flew then.  It was pretty fun actually.  Then, one of our less active members made us dinner.  She is freaking amazing!  She is the nicest lady I’ve ever met.  She’s just awesome! 

Using a machette

Then Saturday finally arrived, and it was time to Skype.  It was like the best day ever, seeing and talking with my family again.  Just so, so awesome! 

Then on Sunday, we had a district conference.  The mission president came and so did a member of the Quorum of the Seventy.  It was cool to be able to actually understand a meeting for once as my Spanish finally is catching up to the rest of the country.   Also the Seventy told all the members to take care of the missionaries better, so we should get hooked up.  Aw yeah.   

Anyway, that was pretty much my week.  Gotta get an investigator to quit smoking, and we might have a baptism this weekend.  Cross your fingers.
The Elders of Rama 5

Love you guys. Take of yourselves.

Elder Frost

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